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About Cam from Cam's Friends

About Cam from Cam’s Friends. Here you will find high quality articles about some of the following subjects:

    • Monday : Reviews of the Weekend’s English Premier League games
    • Tuesday : Review of how my Fantasy Football team did at the weekend
    • Wednesday : Top Premier Leauge players right now
    • Thursday : Predictions for this Weekend’s Premier League games
    • Friday : Tips for this Weekend’s Fantasy Premier League



Sorry, just wanted to get your attention, worked though didn’t it? ;). I want to take a  quick second to tell you a little bit about myself? Can you give me a quick second? Great!

I’m a 21 year old computer engineer hoping to become a 21 year old Blogger. I about the Premier League & the Fantasy Premier league because they are two things I love, all views are my own so yeah please don’t take offense if my reviews aren’t 100% correct.

So yeah, that’s me, please feel free to read some articles, make a cheeky donation to help me on the way to making my dream a reality, also follow me on Instagram and drop me a DM if you fancy a quick chat, nothing too rude though, my girlfriend won’t like that! Thank you and enjoy!

The name’s Cam by the way.

Yeah, that's me, posing al mysterious, but actually looking for the closest McDonald's 

Yeah, that’s me, posing all mysterious, but actually looking for the closest McDonald’s.

A disclaimer : I am not a Premier League Pundit (how cool would that be?!) so don’t bet money on my fantasy football tips & predictions , or do, but you know, be responsible. Happy Reading!

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