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Fantasy Premier League : Gameweek 7

I was very hyped to see how my team did after using my wildcard during the week, and after talking to the Fantasy football pro’s I cam up with a team I was really happy with. With this in mind I think they underperformed a little bit, we pretty much hit the lowest possible points. Let’s get into it :


We had Burnley man Nick Pope in goal for the first time and in all fairness this was a tough fixture for Burnley who conceded two away to Villa, the concern is how many clean sheets will Burnley keep this season ?





We played a back three with not the highest of hopes for Issa Diop who played away at Bournemouth and Digne who played City. I expected Robertson to get some points, and that’s pretty much exactly how it happened. 

  • Diop got no points after conceding twice and getting booked. 
  • Digne conceded three and thus got one point.
  • Robertson kept a clean sheet and got six points.




Expected a lot from the midfield, I was pretty happy by the end of it to be honest :

Sterling is my first midfielder and he did well and hit the top end of my predictions. Cantwell hit the bottom of the range not scoring or assisting. Next we had the captain big man Salah who also didn’t contribute despite having a 1v1 saved by goalkeeper Henderson and last but not least big man De Bruyne who got the most points of this week.

  • Sterling got seven points after scoring the third for city.
  • Cantwell got two points for playing.
  • Salah got three, two for playing and a third for a clean sheet that was doubled because he was our captain.
  • De Bruyne got a massive nine points getting two assists and a bonus point. Great performance!





Finally we had three men up front, starting with big boy Kane who did well, then young man Greenwood who despite speculation didn’t start and last Bournemouth striker Dominic Solanke. 

  • Kane got the winner for Spurs and got a tasty eight points
  • Greenwood didn’t come on untill the 70th minute against Arsenal and got one point.
  • Solanke despite playing well only managed two points.




Full team

We got 43 Points


My lowest points prediction was 40 points, we did slightly better than that but not by much, I have high expectations for this team despite this gameweek and we end up going down 1 spot in my home league. We currently sit in 18th place and the goal for top 5 looks a big challenge. I will be succesful though!

Have a lovely day!


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