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Gameweek 6 Fantasy Football Review

Happy Tuesday guys, well, for some more than others, I had my wost ever week in fantasy football, and dropped a mighty 7 places in my home game league, sigh, anyway, let’s get into the review and see what went wrong…


We had Ederson in goal, and he did well, made some key saves vs Watford and kept a clean sheet. A might 7 points for the brazilian.



We start with the best player in the world Virgil Van Dijk, who had a good game but didn’t get that all important clean sheet in the 1-2 win vs Chelsea, so we settle with a measly 2 points.

Van Dijk

We continue with Kyle Walker, now City kept a clean sheet but Pep had the bright idea to sub him off in the 53rd minute. So unlucky for us FPL players! 7 more minutes and we get 4 more points for a clean sheet. He stays at 1 point.


Next we have Everton left back Lucas Digne who for me is one of the biggest upsets in this gameweek, I expected at the very least a clean sheet…Alas, they lost 2-0 to Sheffield United at home and he matches Walker’s outstanding 1 point.


And in our last position of defence we have a man who wasn’t supposed to play and was brought on because of a last minute injuy to West Ham midfielder Manuel Lanzini. Wan-Bissaka went on to lose 2-0 to the hammers and got 1 point.

We have a four man defence that got a combined point total of 5. No comment


We start with our change from last week, Mr. Dani Ceballos, another let down. We took David Silva out, who got 11 points and put Ceballos in who got 2, he also only played 71 minutes, so I think we can chalk this one up to a lapse in judgement and carry on.


Our second midfielder is captain Mo Salah who did get a cheeky assist for Liverpool and thus got him self 5 points that doubles in to 10, expected a bit more, but acceptable from the Egyptian.


And last we have another disappointment in Gylfi Sigurdsson, I expected something, a goal or an assist, anything more than two points which is what he got. Not good enough.


That’s our midfield and all i’ll say is thank you Mo for somewhat saving it, still not really good enough though.


So bad. 

Let’s start with Wolves man Jiménez who didn’t contribute to the 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace. Gets 2 points.


Next we go to West Ham man Haller, who also felt rather absent in West Ham’s impressive 2-0 over Man Utd. He gets a massive 2 points!


And my biggest disappointment, the man I have been raving about for about a week, Teemu Pukki, had a few chances, took none of them, Norwich lost 2-0 to Burnley, 2 more points. 


I feel like a less generous version of Oprah. YOU get 2 points and YOU get 2 points, sigh.

Right team’s done, I won’t show you the bench this week as they all got 0 points. Let’s have a look at expectation vs reality and see how wrong it went.

Expectation vs Reality




If we expected lowest point tallies from all of my expectations we would have got 41 points

We got 32.

Average points which I thought was more realistic was 78.

We got 32.

Not even going to bother with max.

We got 32.

Final Word

Okay, this was not a normal occurrence, I’m thinking Wildcard for next week, let me know what you think by clicking Here and voting on Twitter. That’s it for today! Have a lovely day!


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